Sunday, August 16, 2015


Googel Sheet's add-on
The Goobric web app provides teachers a handy assessment toolbar -- in the same browser tab as the Google Drive assignment being evaluated! -- that includes a clickable scoring tool tied to any grid-style rubric, comments, and audio-comments recording.  Submitted scores can be auto-emailed to students, pasted into the bottom of a Google Document, and are automatically transferred to the Google Sheet that holds your assignment roster.  Includes "Back" and "Next" buttons that allow teachers to efficiently advance through a batch of student assignments, all without leaving the same browser tab.
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*Goobric and Doctopus work hand in hand. Especially when using in Google Classroom.*
Here is a great video from Teaching like it's 2999 explaining how to use Goobric and Doctopus work in Google Classroom.

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