Monday, September 28, 2015


Use Formative as your go-to tool for capturing students' responses in class or following at-home assignments. Start with the simple tutorial and experiment with the pre-made assignments to consider what might work best for your classroom. Make short multiple-choice questions to use as bell ringers or exit tickets to start or end your lesson. Get creative with the image upload possibilities, having kids take photos of their results in a lab-based class (like something they've built or created) or upload photos of a math problem they've worked out by hand on paper. Use Formative for homework following reading assignments or following a video for your flipped classroom: Use it as a tool to easily capture and save student responses for grading or reference purposes. Students submit responses by answering multiple-choice questions, drawing, or typing, and teachers can send back detailed feedback. The dashboard offers great at-a-glance progress tracking. Great step-by-step instructions for teachers and students make it easy to get started. The developer website features great info and ideas for classroom use.


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