Wednesday, March 30, 2016

World Cloud Generator

Use this add-on to quickly assess what your emerging theme is, how to best categorize your document, or if it is someone's else's document - find out the theme of the document without reading it. 
The #1 Word Cloud add-on for Google Docs just got tricked out. Loads of new features including control over number of words, prettifying the cloud, dropping words and including a word count table in the document. 
We have completely revamped the code and added several new features. You can: ->Use an Advanced Tab that lets you play with the word cloud->Control the # of words you want to display in the cloud->Let the add-on make the cloud “pretty” automatically ->Drop specific words (with type ahead help)->Insert a word count table in the document

Students can also utilize this add-on by seeing which words they use the most often in writing and switching them out with synonyms. 

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