Wednesday, January 18, 2017


Zoomable realtime whiteboard for shared teamwork collaboration. Vector design, sketch drawing, shape recognition, tutoring, meeting. Ziteboard is the best zoomable online whiteboard for collaboration on any desktop or mobile device. Explain, sketch, teach anything. Design layouts, workflows, prototypes. 

Extend video conferences with visual teamwork: discussions, meetings, daily presentations, online training, tutoring or even mind mapping. 

Use bold colors on zoomable boards with intelligent line smoothing and see how great you express yourself visually. Feel confident while drawing. Turn on shape recognition and expect perfect circles and rectangles to appear. If you need words, just click and type. Drag an image directly from the web (max. 4MB) or your own computer (max. 500kB). Have your boards customized, pick colors, get a unique domain or embed fantastic zoomable boards to your website or blog. Ziteboard is ready for all your ideas, so share them with anyone you wish via email or social media. Don’t be concerned about data security - SSL protection and private boards are at your service. Collaborate, brainstorm and start seeing the big picture together with others in real time. Shared whiteboards are regularly used by public speakers, freelancers, designers, developers, teachers, tutors and even creative agencies. Ziteboarding makes discussions more effective and improves communication. It's great in complementing both PowerPoint and Prezi presentations and it adds a lot to Scrum as well.

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