Monday, February 20, 2017

Class Messenger

Class Messenger was created to put Teachers, Parents and Students in sync. Each day millions of pieces of information fall through the cracks between these three groups. The results add up to create a huge drain on the education process. Teachers end up with unprepared students. Parents spend their time interrogating their children instead of supporting them.
By creating a constant stream of private communication specific to the needs of each class, student and parent, Class Messenger makes everyone’s lives a lot more simplified as well as keeping everyone on track in the same direction.
They offer 7 different types of specialized two way messaging critical to the pre-K to 8 classroom:
  1. Messages with pictures and documents (Dropbox & Google Drive integration)
  2. Surveys
  3. Timeslot Meetings (parent-teacher interviews)
  4. Group Meetings
  5. Donations
  6. Volunteer Requests
  7. Order Forms
Unlike chat products, your messages can be SCHEDULED and automatically REPEATED as needed.
Most important, Intelligent Messaging is built into everything so if you send out a Donation request, it will automatically send follow up reminders to Parents who have not answered you yet…but leave everyone else alone. It’s like having your own personal assistant to do your follow up for you.
Also included: STAFFROOM
Teachers and administrators can create a private messaging network just for the Staff of a school along with great tools for organizing Volunteers and Meetings.

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