Friday, April 21, 2017


Activate student voice, gain authentic feedback and personalize learning. Use the Verso app to transform learning in your classroom. Verso’s peer anonymity and research-based workflows foster original thought from all students and nurture true collaboration, while leaving you in control. Free and simple to use, Verso is packed with useful well-designed features: 

  • Easily create rich media activities using any Internet resource or by simply recording straight through the Verso app! 
  • Send challenges to your class instantly with a single click. 
  • Student discussion and in-app formative data let you easily identify and respond to individual learning needs. 
  • Group your students based on their responses. 
  • Export student conversations as evidence of learning. 
  • Immediate visibility on student engagement lets you reflect and refine your own practice.
 With Verso students can: 
  • Provide an authentic response before viewing their classmates’ thoughts. 
  • Engage in safe, anonymous peer learning with their classmates. 
  • Reflect on their thinking in the context of anonymous responses from the class. 
  • Develop effective collaboration, communication, critical thinking and citizenship skills.

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